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Where learning happens

January 17, 2011

Background to consider: Lizzie is home-schooled.

Allen: Lizzie, good job saying “temperature.”  That’s a hard word to say.

Lizzie (quite sure of herself):  Thanks, Dad.  I learned it on Sid the Science Kid.  I learn lots of things from him.  I don’t need to learn from you guys (gesturing towards me and Steph); I can learn from Sid.  That’s why we ask to watch PBS all the time.  So we can learn.

Our scene closes with Steph and I looking at each other with raised eyebrows, trying not to laugh hysterically.

Father of girls

December 20, 2010

Scene: Allen in the living room, sees glitter on his favorite vest

Allen: *sigh*

Lizzie: What’s wrong, Daddy?

Allen (in a bummed-out voice): Oh, I just noticed that there is glitter on my vest

Lizzie ponders for a moment, then: I think it looks great!

Authentic Online

October 2, 2010

From the book The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice, p 205, my emphasis

…we often feel less inhibited in how we interact with one another online, especially in terms of what kind of personal information we share.  As a result it becomes easy to overshare ourselves, to reveal more information – or information at a faster rate – than we would face-to-face (after all, we wouldn’t normally think of sharing the volume and depth of personal information in a first meeting like we do on the average Facebook profile).  Our tendency toward oversharing can be an attempt to get other people’s attention.  At its worst it is a form of emotional pornography – we get the brief and intense feeling of intimacy without having to worry about commitment, conflict resolution, or the time required to build a truly intimate relationship.  This pattern of oversharing does not promote intimacy.  Rather, we’re just getting “our stuff” out of our system so that we feel better.  Oversharing does not take into account the thoughts and feelings of the other person.  But it does give the impression that we know each other much better than we actually do and this, again, is one of the challenges in relating authentically to one another online.


August 4, 2010

More specifically, as the experience of human relationships becomes increasingly composed of time spent with others online, we have to (1) adapt the way we think of community and (2) adapt the way we live in community.

Jesse Rice, The Church of Facebook

The Sea

July 16, 2010

Loved the quote.  Wanted to share:

And so the sea’s highest call is to remind us of God: beautiful in his simplicity, ferocious in his wrath, unfathomable in the depths of his sin-swallowing grace.

Sean McDonough, Something About the Sea, from the GCTS professors blog.

Female Quartet

July 16, 2010

The post-seminary re-entry into the blogging world begins with fun news.  Steph’s ultrasound on Wednesday revealed that we are expecting little girl # 4.  I had numerous reasons to be excited whether it was a boy or girl, so this news, while somehow still shocking (four weddings someday? four female teenagers in one house!), I am very excited to be the proud papa of another girl.

New Job

May 12, 2010

I mentioned a little bit ago that I will be starting a new job soon.  As of June 1, I will be the new “Communications and Technical Support” guy for Glenwood Community Church.  The Communications side will consist of working on the website/bulletin/etc.  The Technical side will consist of figuring out why the printer stopped working, etc.  (like what I’ve been doing for the seminary the last 2 years).

I’m very excited and grateful to:

  1. work with the great folks at GCC
  2. advance God’s kingdom through the local church
  3. have a job