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I live a weird life

March 5, 2004

Tonight I learned I talk about work too much.

I struggled with maintaining my composure. Terrible thoughts raced through my mind. The Spirit won. I remained calm, but by the grace of Him who sits enthroned in the heavens.

And now I sit here noticing I like the colors TypePad has used for their logo and hearing in the background an OPB video about the city of Florence at the beginning of the European Re-birth and the Medici Family that essentially ran it. Brunelleschi built an incredible dome, returning to the ancient ideas of architecture. He discovered linear perspective. The Medici Bank essentially ran Europe. Cosimo Medici knew that patronage equaled political power. Cosimo was more powerful, more wealthy than any government, any church… more powerful than the Church?

What do you think?

Told you, I have a weird life.

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  1. Fly Molo permalink
    March 5, 2004 8:15 pm

    Um, if by “the Church” you mean the Catholic Church at the time, yes, he was more powerful. If by “the Church” you mean the church catholic (body of Christ throughout time)….uh, yes. Lemme ‘splain. During a lifetime, an individual can be more powerful that any earthly entity. But if the entity remains after that person dies, he ceases to be more powerful, and the entity reigns supreme once again. That covers the Catholic Church.

    Now, as for the church catholic, it’s never been a powerful, wealthy instrument on earth. Therein lies its strength. Metaphysics trump every time.

    Someone’s bound to comment that I’m wrong, and the church has been a powerful earthly instrument. Fine. Show me the examples, and I’ll show you examples of an individual weilding the power of a larger group for his own ends. Glory to God in the weakness of men and all.


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