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May 24, 2005

llkenjenningsDay 1 of a 3 day final is complete.  The ‘Ken Jenningstournament is coming to a close.  The amazing part: Ken Jennings is currently in third.  Not by much mind you.  All three contestants wagered quite conservatively given that the scores from all three days are added up.  So, Ken’s only down by a couple thousand I believe.  But still.  To get a bye to the finals, and then be behind after the first day… I don’t know.  Seems like he’s either lulling the competition into a false sense of security, or, he just got whooped in Double Jeopardy.  I was on the phone during most of Double Jeopardy, but my wife says it was more of the latter.

UPDATE: 2 nights of the final are in the books.  Ken is in second.  Brad is up by about $12,000.  Ken had a good Double Jeopardy thanks to a timely Daily Double, but he couldn’t nail down the final Jeopardy clue pointing to the director of The Ten Commandments (can you name him without clicking the link?  yeah… I couldn’t either).  Looks like it’s starting to slip away from Mr. 74-wins-in-a-row.

UPDATE NUMERO DOS: Tournament is over.  Ken walks away with 2nd place and $500,000.  The poor baby.  In other news, the winner,  Brad Rutter, cleaned house.  He ended up with almost double Ken’s score.  Brad had been the million dollar winner in a Jeopardy tournament a while back.  He’s now the guy with the most cash in game show history.  Should Comedy Central reconsider the focal point of their new game show?

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  1. May 28, 2005 3:55 pm

    The director of The Ten Commandments That is the easiest possible movie question ever! FLABODY-FLEA!!!

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