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July 26, 2005

The "bills" and "summaries of charges" have slowly been trickling in over the past couple weeks. While Kaiser will be paying for it (minus our relatively tiny co-pay), we still receive information about how much the hospital stays cost.

The following is a reminder that God’s provision was thoroughly planned out when He had me start as a biller at CNF three plus years ago. Here’s what we’ve received so far:

SWMC – Steph
Description Cost
R&B Semi-Pvt $820.00
Pharmacy $651.55
IV Solutions $235.00
Med-Sur Supplies $1,382.00
Laboratory $228.00
Drugs/Detail Code $263.00
Deliv Room/Labor $3,741.00
Pro Fee/Anes CRNA $3,137.00
Total $10,457.55
SWMC – Elizabeth
Description Cost
R&B Inf Care $695.00
Nursing Increm $201.00
Pharmacy $75.80
IV Solutions $12.00
Med-Sur Supplies $1,074.00
Laboratory $343.00
DX X-ray $216.00
Pulmonary Func $82.00
Drugs/Detail Code $109.03
Birthing Center $22.00
EKG/ECG $101.00
Total $2,930.83
OHSU – Elizabeth
Description Cost
Labratory $16,680.76
Other Diagnostic Svc $27,677.49
OR Services $14,683.50
Pharmacy $7,836.86
Professional Fees $272.00
Radiology $3,981.20
Room Charges $50,090.05
Supplies $15,069.00
Therapy Services $526.00
Total $136,816.86

Here’s the kicker on the OHSU one: that doesn’t include the fees for the doctors’ time. That’s just for use of the hospital’s stuff. We should be receiving another update on the doctors’ fees within a month. That should be good for a laugh. And another blessing of God’s name for the insurance He’s provided.

So, for those keeping score, the total bill thus far is $150,205.24.

(Just posted this on the family blog. Wanted it here too since I don’t know who all checks the family blog regularly)

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  1. July 26, 2005 8:36 pm

    it is amazing isn’t it?

    Daniel is truly a multi-million dollar baby. The state paid for everything his first year until the adoption was final. Our insurance thus far in the last 2 years has paid over $300,000 for his healthcare costs. We pay a small deductible too. Anything our ins might deny for him medi-Cal will cover until he is 18 ( part of the adoption deal) and California Children Services picks up any leftovers.

    It is a blessing indeed so you can stress about one less thing and focus on your baby…..Daniel pronounced her to be pretty!….He should know, he is a ladies’ man!

  2. July 27, 2005 8:34 am


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