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Supervisor Gig

August 31, 2005

A couple weeks ago it was announced that one of the supervisors in my department was taking a higher position in the Accounts Payable department.  Thus leaving an opening in my department.

I threw my hat into the ring and it got me an interview with my manager tomorrow morning at 11am.  I’m not going in with huge expectations because the plan is still for the three of us to head out to MA next summer for GCTS, and I don’t know if my manager wants to go thru this whole shpiel nine months from now.  But hey, who knows?

I don’t even have the foggiest as to how to ask you to pray, so if you feel led to pray something, rock on.  There’s pro’s and con’s with getting it or not getting it, so either way, I think I’ll be okay with the result.  The increase in salary and new experience would be great, but the longer hours and added responsibility are there too.  So yeah.  Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

UPDATE: my manager had to be on a conference call when my interview was slated, so looks like it’ll happen next week sometime.

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