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September 1, 2005

I don’t know even know how to respond to things like this.  I am so completely shocked by all of this.  I don’t know how to pray, I don’t know how to respond.  I know the Lord is God and always will be and that all things ultimately point to Him, but where is the Glory of the Lord in this?

Waveland, Mississippi wiped off map

What Waveland used to look like

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  1. Slothboy permalink
    September 1, 2005 3:24 pm

    The thing to remember is that Earth is not Heaven. Our purpose is to live through the crap storm that is life on this pathetic orb and STILL choose God. It is not God who brings disaster. It isn’t about the “sin in your life” and getting punished for doing wrong. Satan is the Lord of the Earth and it is he who brings death and destruction and pain.

    God is there in every good deed that is done to help those who suffer. God is in the millions of people clicking “donate now” on websites that bring aid. God is in the people in the hospitals struggling to keep their patients alive and the generators running. God is in you when you pray for the people involved.

    I am so sad about this. I can’t believe the level of anarchy and the apparent slowness of rescue. It doesn’t seem like it could be in America. I start to cry whenever I think about the children who are innocent victims of the tragedy and their parents who either chose not to leave when warned or were unable to leave.

    We will see the Glory of the Lord in so many stories when this is over because many of the people who will survive will only do so because of the help of another person. Whether that person that helped is a Christian or not; whenever one person helps another and shows love for their neighboor they are Glorifying the Lord.


  2. Slothboy permalink
    September 2, 2005 2:25 pm

    I found Him.

    Today at lunch Allison told me about Madi’s activities this morning. She finally noticed that something bad had happened because of the news that Allison was watching. She asked what was going on. Allison got out a map and showed her New Orleans (Madi knows where Oregon is already) and told her about the Hurricane. She told her that people’s homes were gone and gave her enough info to sort of grasp how bad it is without giving her nightmares. Madi wanted to do something. They decided to make cookies to sell at church for money to “send to the kids so they can buy new toys and houses.”

    Then she went to her room and got her piggy bank and started to get out money. She put it in her purse to take to church for the special offering we are having this sunday. She did this completely on her own. Then she told her mom that one of the kids can come and stay in her room on the top bunk and share her toys.

    As I’m typing this the only thing keeping me from completely breaking down in tears is that I’m at work and so I’m sucking it up. I’m so proud of her and so sad at the same time. But there is God. Right there. God is in the heart of a three year old girl that dumped her piggy bank on her bedroom floor.

  3. September 2, 2005 2:46 pm

    you’re not the only one holding back tears at work. dang.

  4. September 2, 2005 3:05 pm

    It is amazing how such an ugly thing can bring out the most beautiful parts of those we know and love. Thanks for sharing your beautiful daughter with us.

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