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March of the Penguins

September 19, 2005

Chick_huddleSteph took me on a surprise date this past Friday (mmm… sirloin steak from Outback) which was awesome (Thanks Babe!).  Since there are slim pickings at the movie theater these days, we saw March of the Penguins.

What a flick.  First off, when you’ve got a narrator like Morgan Freeman, you can’t go wrong.  Second, look at how adorable those penguin chicks are.  Third, the sheer timing of the treks and interaction and unbelievable creativity of God in the creation of these animals is dumbfounding.  This is worth going to see.  If nothing else, a must rent.

Side note: first night out for Steph and myself without Munckin.  Thank you Papa and Nana Young.

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