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This he believes

September 23, 2005

One of the more poignent, honest looks at one’s beliefs or lack thereof.  Definitely well written.  Misses the mark in terms of the ultimate issue, but still well written.  Found the blog from Blogger‘s "Blogs of Note" section.

This I believe by Scott Lothes

What is the ultimate issue that I think he’s missing?  Will.  "Desire" as he puts it.

Christianity, like all religions, like all spirituality, requires the belief in some things that transcend the boundaries of reasonable explanations. There comes a point in all matters of faith when some things just donít make sense, and the decision has to be made to simply believe in them out of sheer desire. Thatís what makes faith a thing thatís worth having. Thatís why I admire them so much for their faith. Iíd like to think I have that kind of faith, too, or at least that Iím capable of having it. But what happens when faith demands adherence to a belief that I simply cannot, will not believe?

He then goes on to talk of how he was told by a godly man that those people who have never heard the Gospel are unfortunately lost.  And that is the reason, he says, he no longer holds to Christianity.  Apparently it is still rooted in him because that’s how he was raised, but he does not seem to actively believe it now.

The irony is that he kinda gets it and he kinda doesn’t.  He admits in the above quote that it is a matter of his personal decision not to believe it.  That’s fine.  I think you could have a solid walk with God and still struggle and not believe this point about the salvation of those who have not heard.  The Great Commision to reach out still applies, as that is commanded.  But to chuck the whole religion because of a less-than-crystal-clear doctrine?  That is finding an excuse not to actively follow the Christ.

Just like my family members who don’t actively follow Jesus because they had bad experiences with people in church, or because their husband doesn’t follow Jesus, it’s a matter of finding a way to rationalize one’s actions (or inactions).  Regardless of what you believe about those who haven’t heard, what interactions with sinful people, what life your spouse leads, Christ says to follow Him.  Doesn’t matter what other people do, what minor-doctrine is rough to grasp and believe, Christ is still savior because you are dead in your transgressions without Him.  It is still God who rescues you from the domain of darkness and transfers you to the Kingdom of His beloved Son.  And it is still that Son’s call to us to follow Him.  That’s the issue.  Lose sight of that, and ultimately you are lost.

I struggle when my friends have miscarriages.  I get angry (at God sometimes, other times just angry in general) that it happens.  But I try to press on, tell myself that God knows best and shut down that issue.  Why?  Because there’s nothing else I can do.  When Abraham knew he had to slaughter his only son, what did he do?  Got the knife ready.  You think that was easy for him to work through?  You think adhereing to that belief was easy?  Heck no.  The man waited for 100 years to have that boy.  And there the boy was laying down in front of him, ready to accept whatever his father did.  And Abraham "considered that God is able to raise people even from the dead."

So don’t tell the world, and yourself, that it’s because of a side issue or other people that you reject following the Savior.  Don’t blame something or someone else.  It’s you; it’s your choice.  And you will be held responsible for it.

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  1. September 23, 2005 11:42 pm

    Never heard the Abraham example applied in that context.

    Preach it, bro!

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