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Back from the Cardiologist

October 4, 2005

Well… you want the good news or the bad news first?

We just got back from Elizabeth’s echocardiogram.  And the results are in.  Although the blockage hasn’t gotten any worse, it hasn’t gotten better either.  And, according to the cardiologist, the likelihood of it getting better is slim.  So, for now, we’ll have a follow up appointment in the beginning of December on November 3 (Dr. Shaughnessy left a message yesterday 10/5 saying that she wanted to move up the follow up. Nothing to worry about, just wants to keep a closer eye on Elizabeth. We sure don’t mind).  More than likely, Elizabeth will need to have the catheter procedure done in a few months.  The good news about that is it won’t be for a little bit yet, so that she has time to grow (which makes her arteries bigger which makes it easier for the specialist to navigate thru her body).

We found out that the catheter procedure won’t be quite as intense as we originally thought.  When/if it does happen, Elizabeth will go in the morning and have it done.  If it doesn’t work, she can go home after a few hours, with a surgery to then be scheduled for a later date.  If the catheter procedure does what it’s supposed to, then she’ll stay overnight at the hospital (in the normal ward, not the intensive care unit) and probably be able to go home the next day.  So, that’s a relief.  Bummer that it’s even on the radar, but, it is what it is.

We also got the clear from our cardiologist about the possibility of moving to MA next summer.  If the move does take place, our cardiologist will give us some contacts out there.  And apparently Boston’s Children Hospital is primo stuff and has on staff one of the most world-renowned cardiologists (I think we got the guy’s name right).  So that’s nice to know.

Thanks to all who prayed.

Grace and peace,

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