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October 24, 2005

Interesting article comparing saying how great house churches are and how much traditional churches suck.  Getting pretty close to setting up the ol’ straw man, but the point comes across regardless.

I think his concept of all in the body contributing to the meeting is great, but what about those who are gifted in teaching?  Me thinks they should carry the weight of the "instructional" time.  Not everybody throwing together their "insights" that may or may not be sound.  I’m all for sharing times.  Went to a smaller church a couple weeks back where there was a sharing time.  It was cool, very different.  But to have everybody in there "give a word," nah uh.  Give me two or three teachers who might throw something together on a rotation or something.  If I’m being instructed, I want to have confidence in them and their God-given ability, not a group session of "I think this passage is really saying this."

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