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Steph’s Candle Hutch

January 7, 2006

Perhaps you’ve noticed the link in the upper left: Steph’s Candle Hutch.

SCH logo

We are pleased to announce the grand opening of our new Ebay store, Steph’s Candle Hutch .  In an effort to contribute to the family’s income while still being a stay at home mom, Steph has decided to run Steph’s Candle Hutch (with the help of Allen of course).  As the title of the store eludes to, we will be selling candles of varying size, color, and scent.  Since all businesses start off small, we will be starting our store with five different scents of votive candles (mulberry, cinnamon, vanilla, lavendar and honeydew).  Any business whether just beginning or well established needs advertisement, which is where you come in.  Please tell your family and friends who might be looking to order candles online to check us out in ebay’s store listings under Steph’s Candle Hutch.


Allen & Steph

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