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February 11, 2006

b b ff bb,,kmb]/

Well, that was Elizabeth’s contribution to this blog post. 🙂

It’s been fun being a dad lately. We’ve entered that hilarious period where Elizabeth is really interacting well. She is starting to form word-like sounds. Her favorite sound now is indeed “Da-da,” which I am thoroughly enjoying. We’re not really counting it as her first word though because it doesn’t seem like she is has connected me with that term, but brother do I revel in it every time she says it. Wonder if God feels the same way when we call Him Father?

Much is going to be changing in the next few weeks. A shorter commute, but I’ll possibly be gone longer (work is 7-5 with a two hour lunch (to go work out with the other guys from work with the free membership to Green Meadows), or 7-3:45 with a 45 minute lunch). So I’m sure the home dynamic will change, but I don’t know how. But at Precision Estimating (I’ll eventually be doing the I-Joist stuff) they actually encourage phone calls during the day from your wife, so maybe it’ll improve.

I am looking forward to the change in environment and change in work. Plus, since I’ll be salary, it feels like I’m going to be paid based on what I can contribute in thought and deed, not just deed like the current production environment I’m in.

Two more weeks and then we’ll see…

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