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Frozen waterfalls

February 21, 2006

Saw some frozen waterfalls along I-5 this weekend. None as big or as cool as the one pictured here, but I liked the picture. CA to WA roadtrip. Was a little nervous about it since it was the longest car trip Elizabeth had ever taken, but she did really well (blessing from Jesus). Steph and I switched off driving and were able to keep her entertained more or less when she wasn’t sleeping. It was good family time. Much needed.

But the road trip is only one piece of what made this quite the weekend. I’m still trying to process. Me thinks this one is going to take a while to think through (especially considering this whole post was written intermittently over the course of three hours).

The fam and I attended a memorial service, my sister almost died, my parents had a ton of people come thru the CA house they’re selling, my parents started moving stuff into their new Vancouver, WA house, gigantic road trip. All leading up to my last week at CNF. As I have quoted before: “Much is afoot at the Circle K.”

First off, I’m not sure _how_ to process all of this. Second, I don’t know when I going to have time to sit down and think thru it. I’m very glad we were able to go the memorial service. It was good to hug the Leepers. Didn’t have a clue what to say, but I don’t think I needed to say anything. I think everything that I needed to communicate was done so by us showing up and giving hugs. Therapeutic on my end and I think helpful on the receiving end. Amazing what a hug can do. Do you hug people enough? I don’t. And I am even acutely aware of how badly I need them. Hand shakes and the American guy head-nod greeting aren’t gonna cut it. I think Paul was on to something with the holy kiss thing. Not that we should kiss each other as greetings like some Europeans do, but the principle is to greet in such a loving way that you enter into someone else’s space and let them know they’re loved. Hug somebody you care about. –Preaching done.

It was good to see so many faces from my past. Good to show off my wife and my daughter. Good to connect again with folks I haven’t seen in a long while. Especially the Wood family and the Serface family. Man those are good folks. Knew ’em all thru Central, my old church from down south. Mike and Julie played on the music team, Mike on drums, Julie on piano. Julie is amazing. Colleen Adent like. Both are hilarious and generous. And their son Jake (now in his teens) has pulmonary atresia like Elizabeth. I love those Woods. The Serfaces I know because Scott used to be my youth pastor. I could write a book on him. I love the man deeply. He made such a huge impact on me. Gigantic. His mark on me is everywhere. My views on so many things, my sense of humor, my love for music (especially classic rock. course that can also be attributed to Justin, now a Jr High pastor, but I digress). Scott gave me my first opportunity to teach/speak in a church setting. Scott taught me the wonder that is Axis and Allies. He taught me how to do a dry rub for barbecued meat. Even through his faults and mistakes, he taught me how to sacrifice and love your wife. He taught me how to be proud of your kids. He taught me to talk life with a grain of salt and laugh and still love Jesus. Love that guy. His wife’s great too. Erica was also a huge influence on me. She was one of my first examples of what a Christian wife should be. Not the typical American suburbia Christian wife of the stereotyped Evangelicalism, but an actual honest-to-goodness wife who is a Christian. How women can influence men. How a women is to care for her children. How to be beautiful to a husband. How to be strong and yet submissive. Cool family. Not perfect, but cool. It was good to talk with Scott and to give him my email address. Haven’t had regular interactions with him in years. I hope he emails me soon.

So yeah, I can tell processing this weekend is going to take a long time. I haven’t even started processing the dealing with death aspect of the memorial and I’ve already taken up a ton of space. “Highlights” perhaps to follow:

  • Thinking through again just how hard it would be to have lost, or to lose, my own daughter.
  • Thinking through just how hard it would be to lose my sister (both from the memorial service and the fact that she almost died this weekend). A year ago she had her tubes tied. Well, those are 95% successful. My sister made it into the 5%. She got pregnant recently (unknown to her), ended up being a tubal pregnancy which went real bad. Went to the hospital Saturday morning because of huge stomach pains. Turns out tons of internal bleeding. They had to go in and fix her up. A 30 min surgery that went a couple hours. She’s okay now, she’s actually home already, but scary scary crap. But since right after I found out about it, she ended up being okay, it hasn’t sunk in yet. Don’t know if I want it to. All I know is I really really want to see my sister. I haven’t seen her in a number of years and right now it’s killing me that I haven’t hugged her in a long long time. Must… not… cry… at work… would be weird…
  • Yeah, my folks now have a house in the ‘Couv. Looks like they’ll be moving up real soon (based on how well their open house in CA went this weekend). Still don’t know what to do with this one. Just trying to focus on the positive aspects right now.
  • Last week at CNF. Feel like I’m biding time. Don’t know what to do with myself. Can’t wait to be done.
  • Wish I had some time off between this job and the next one at Precision. I need some down time with Steph and Lizzie. Steph needs it too. Lizzie just likes constant attention and affection, so she’s cool.
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  1. February 21, 2006 1:29 pm

    what a weekend!
    Bill said he saw you and the rest of the Central crowd and it was good. It’s good to hear the update on Scott and Erica as Bill didn’t get an opportunity to say much more than a hello. They are cool people.
    Bill shared much of what you felt at the memorial. I wish I could have been there but getting the day off was impossible.
    Maria had the close call? How scary! yet another reason why the guy should step up. Less problems and greater success. Oops! I’m preaching! I hope you can hook up with her soon.
    Hopefully your folks moving works out well. Miss Elizabeth surely will benefit from more grandparents near to love on her!
    Next time you drive down 5, get off at 120 and come on over! We have lots of room. Then you can show Elizabeth God’s awesome work in Yosemite.

  2. February 22, 2006 8:35 am

    Hey Laura,
    Good to hear from you. And good to hear Bill felt the same way about the service. I thought it was wonderfully done: Jim Lewis had the right mix of respect for the dead and hope for the Kingdom coming. And I couldn’t say enough of Mark’s courage to get up there and say what he did in the midst of so much pain. I would have broken down after three words.

    Yes, I do think that Elizabeth will greatly benefit from having two more grandparents to dote over her.
    As for the visit, Steph and I were just talking this weekend about how we need to adventure more as a family. When I actually earn some time off from the new job, maybe one of our first adventures will have to be visiting the Scarborough Circus. 🙂

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