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Culture in Battleground

February 25, 2006

On our date last night, Steph and I went to the Jerusalem Cafe in Battleground, WA (also known as Hickville). Small little place and it was awesome. The service and the food were superb.

The restaurant is owned by a large Israeli man with a wonderful personality. He has a fun laugh and calls the regulars Boss. “Hey Boss, you want your usual?” in a hearty thick accent. Since it was our first time there, he showed us how best to eat the appetizer (putting vegetables and sauces into the pita bread). When we had pretty much cleaned our plates of our entrees, he came over and said that because we had done such a good job, he was going to have to charge us a lot of money. He was going to be rich, he said. Then a little later he came over and said the bill would be $100 even. The guy is a riot. And you could tell he seriously enjoyed his work.

Just like the service, the food was fantastic. The aforementioned appetizer comes with your entree automatically and was a great starter. The pita bread was tasty and the sauces that went along with the veggies were quite flavorful. But it’s the entrees that stole the show. Steph had the Shish Taouk and I had the Lamb Shawarma. I’ve never had a more tender serving of meat. A very subtle spice too. Absolutely fantastic. Oh we got the “little bit of all three” for our side dish: tabbouli, mediterranean salad and rice. Each entree was $10.99.

Steph and I will be returning. Numerous times.

There is also a Jerusalem Cafe in the Cascase Park area of Vancouver as well as downtown near Esther Short Park. Grubbin’.

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