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Big Urology Appt today

March 2, 2006

Elizabeth has a big urology appt today to check on her kidneys. One of them is a little swollen (well, at least was as of early January) so they want to check it out and make sure nothing weird like reflux is going on. If you would please pray that everything’s fine in there, that’d be great. Also, please pray for Steph’s peace as I won’t be able to be there.


UPDATE: Well, your prayers are appreciated. Funny (funny ironic, not necessarily funny ha-ha) thing… the catheter didn’t happen. Long story short, there was a miscommunication and the antibiotics that Elizabeth had to take this morning were not strong enough for the seriousness of her heart condition. So, Steph made another appointment for April 6, two days after our next cardiology appt with Dr Shaughnessy, so we can get her advice. Smart woman, my wife. Very smart.

Thanks again. Oh, and other than the gross taste of the antibiotic probably lingering, Lizzie is doing fine.

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