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Life’s never boring

April 9, 2006

Took Steph to the ER last night (due to extreme abdominal pain) and she spent the night in observation. Long story short, she has gall stones. Come the second trimester of the pregnancy, she’s probably gonna have surgery to take out the galbladder altogether. Apparently she’s got all sorts of gall stones in there. And they can’t blast ’em like kidney stones. Whole ‘nother ball game.

She’s sleeping now. Super tired, didn’t get much sleep at all. She’s feeling okay in terms of the pain and everything. We just have to avoid spicy, fatty, hydrogenated foods for the next 8-10 weeks til her surgery. Weight Watchers is gonna go into high gear.

One upside to all of this: they did an ultrasound of Steph’s tummy to scope out the gall bladder, etc. and since they were there, they also did an ultrasound of her womb. We saw Little One, all 1.3ish centimeters of him/her. Puts Steph somewhere around 6 weeks. Two cool things: 1) the tech let us hear the heartbeat. Man, that never gets old. Makes ya cry every time. 2) the tech printed us a picture, even though she wasn’t supposed to. Coolest tech ever.

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  1. Tre permalink
    April 11, 2006 10:23 am

    So how is gall bladder surgery and being pregnant going to work out? Is that why they’re waiting till the second trimester?

    Also, Kelly and I were trying to figure out when we can make it up to the ‘Couve for dinner. We’d like to cook for you two, but we aren’t sure how this gall situation affects a) diet and b) time to hang. Lemme know! (Yes, this should have become an e-mail, but it’s been so long since I left a comment!)

  2. Steph permalink
    April 11, 2006 11:53 am

    Hello, Steph here.
    Well, to answer your questions, yes they are waiting until second trimester because of the baby so as to protect him/her as best they can and have the baby be as stable as possible. In a perfect world we would wait until after pregnancy, but it seems that realistically they probably won’t be able to let it go that long. I have a more indepth consult this thursday to discuss the details. ER people are great, but they only can tell you so much before it reaches beyond their expertise.
    As for diet, yes they sort of have me on a diet, though a diet that for the most part the whole world should be on (or at least the first two πŸ™‚ ):
    a) No Fatty Foods
    b) No Greasy Foods
    c) (The part that makes me the sadest) No Spicy Foods
    Hope that helps to answer some of your questions. We can email about the rest πŸ™‚

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