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Victoria Roberts

April 30, 2006

The latest from John Canzano’s blog:

Will you help save Victoria Roberts?

I wrote on Sunday in the sports section on Victoria Roberts, who has a condition called aplastic anemia. It’s a rare condition and she needs an immediate bone-marrow transplant.

Victoria has gained 35 pounds from the drugs she takes to fight her condition, and has spent 100 nights in the hospital in the last year, along with 40 blood transfusions.

She’s about the sweetest little girl you’d ever meet. Never complains. Always smiling, but in the end, it’s your help that she needs to live. Blazers center Theo Ratliff tried to help, but the NBA got in the way with a ridiculous rule on dress code, prohibited him from sharing her website link printed on his pre-game warm-up.

Her parents are regular people, who put their home for sale, turned in their second car, and are trying to raise the $325,000 needed for the procedure. If she doesn’t get the bone-marrow transplant, she is going to die.

Please visit her website and, also, consider becoming part of the national bone-marrow registry. Once Victoria’s family raises enough funds, there’s still the matter of a bone-marrow match, and worldwide, there are only 6 million people in the database.

Maybe this calls for a competition between Blazers fans and Oregon and Oregon State fans over who can raise the most money for Victoria? You tell me. Love to see some of those fan message boards pick this cause up and run with it.

When I visited with Victoria the other day, she brought a picture of daises that she’d drawn for me. As I examined the drawing closer, upon leaving, I saw she’d placed faces on each of the flowers.

They were all smiling.

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