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Classic Dr G

September 16, 2006

Friesen CLASSIC Update
Originally sent October 20, 2001.

Dear Family & Friends,

One of my favorite sayings divides listeners. Some respond, “I know just what you mean.” Others protest, “No, that is completely wrong.” ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING POORLY (a G.K. Chesteron variation). Those with a type-A personality usually understand its wisdom. In case you are a type B, easy-going, laid-back person, I will explain. We type-A personalities want perfection so badly that when we cannot achieve it, we are prone to do nothing, give up or not hand the assignment in. I would still be rewriting my doctoral dissertation if a friend had not hit me upside the head and yelled, “Just get it in! Later, if you want to rewrite it for the rest of your obsessive compulsive life, go ahead. But right now, just get it in!” Balance in life often requires getting a task done with less than your best quality. Pride hates to admit it, but anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. By the way, I got the dissertation in and then worked with Robin Maxson for five years rewriting it until it became a book, Decision Making and the Will of God. It was not perfect, but we got it in!


_Got this in my inbox this evening. I’ve heard this from Garry before and from Dr A. Wise words. Hard ones for me, but wise._

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