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Heroes 3

October 10, 2006

_^Wasn’t able to catch Heroes last night. Steph watched and taped it though. Shhhh… no talking, no talking. Will try to watch it tonight so we can continue our “dorky”: conversation.^_

Just finished watching it. More thoughts to come as they come.

For now:

* Best moment of recent television: the look on Hiro’s face at the car rental counter, right before he says “It’s our destiny”. As Kinsanth has observed, there is no other actor/character like him on television. I noted to Steph tonight how funny it was that my favorite actor/character on television right now doesn’t even speak English.

* Has there been a grosser scene on television recently than Claire waking up, wide open, on an autosopy table?

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  1. slothboy permalink
    October 10, 2006 11:49 am

    dude. watch it soon. Some of the acting has started to get rough around the edges but the story is still great.

  2. slothboy permalink
    October 11, 2006 10:25 am

    Yeah, that was great and ewwey. Allison and I both made the same noise when we saw that. It can’t be recreated with text.

    My theory with Sylar is that he absorbs powers from other people. He can fly and he has telekenisis and also regeneration where everyone else seems to just get one power. I think the people he kills are people he has tracked down through the doctor’s research and he takes their brains and uses them to get their powers. I just don’t know what step two is.

    Step One – Steal Brain
    Step Two – ?
    Step Three – Get new powers.

  3. Tre permalink
    October 11, 2006 9:24 pm

    Yeah, I’m with Slothy on this one. To beat the X-Men parallels to death, he’s somewhere between Synch of Gen-X and Mimic from way back… I think Mohinder’s dad was looking for him, not because he was the first ‘mutant,’ but because he has the ability to find all the others…

    Unfortunately, there was a scene in CSI just a season or two ago that totally reminded me of the autopsy scene. It was the episode directed by Quintin Tarentino where Nick had been buried alive. At one point he passed out and envisioned the coroner guy and his assistant doing his autopsy while he was awake and laying there. You saw from his point of view and from above the table, as they pulled parts out and made jokes about him…

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