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Lost 3-3

October 19, 2006

Show my favorite three characters (with Desmond a close fourth) and suddenly, I’m back into Lost.

Now granted, this episode was a head trip. But still, get Locke, Eko and Hurley going and I’ll watch any time.

And how freaky did the previews for next week look?

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  1. October 19, 2006 11:11 am

    Last night was probably my least favorite. Maybe its because I expect greatness with every Locke episode now. But appearing randomly outside on the grass with no explanation? Having visions of each other as a way of communicating? I have to go talk to the island? And with that, I will let slothboy continue with the polar bears…

  2. slothboy permalink
    October 19, 2006 11:28 am

    Last night I was bored and enraged by the stupidity on lost. It was the first time I really couldn’t get into the flow of the show.


    Lame. It imploded but everyone was safely ejected… somehow. Insufficient. I got the sense that the writers were saying, “Yeah, somehow they survived. I dunno, leave me alone. We are done with the hatch now.”

    Polar Bear:

    Come ON! What are they thinking? The Polar Bear was generally considered the dumbest part of season one so they decided to reinvoke it? Not only that, but it is a hyper intelligent, man hunting, two places at once, Star Wars Hoth Creature polar bear. I honestly expected Locke to find Eko hanging upside down from the ceiling.

    The only interesting parts were the Locke flashbacks and the airport vision. I actually really liked the airport stuff and it is too bad that the rest of the episode couldn’t maintain the same level of creativity and good storytelling.

    p.s., I know this is network TV but a guy in a bear suit would look better than the CG polar bear. With CG you have to either do it right, or skip it. Half-@55 is no way to go.

    I hereby channel the powers of the comic book guy! Worst. Episode. EVER!

  3. October 19, 2006 12:15 pm

    Good grief. Settle down girls. Since when have the writers ever directly explained something right after it happened. They’ll explain the hatch. Patience.

    And re: the polar bear. Didn’t watch much of season one (got hooked in season two, so I’ve only seen scant re runs of season one), so can’t comment there, but the polar bear plays into the whole, ‘The Others using The Hydra to do animal testing and who knows what else.’ I didn’t think it outside the norm for the weirdness on Lost.

    Which brings up another thing. I read an article prior to last night’s show saying that a theory now goes that Sawyer and Kate are trying to be setup to fall in love to produce a kid (so that the others can do whatever freakish things they do at The Hyrda). The previews of next week’s show certainly start down that trail.

  4. slothboy permalink
    October 19, 2006 4:42 pm

    There were just too many little things that bugged me that episode. Where was that polar bear the rest of the time they’ve been on the island? Why did it kill a boar and leave it there but drag eko back to it’s lair? How long was it going to wait to eat eko? Clearly it captured him while locke was still knocked out and held on to him while locke went and built an entire structure to be a sweat hut, gathered the essential materials to make his wacko paste, convince charlie to help him, build a fire, get freaky with the vision, get out, clean up and prep, and track them through an indeterminate amount of jungle. Only to arrive just in the nick of time. Was the polar bear trying to decide whether to eat eko or make him a “forrest bride?”

    Also if PB had eko, why would he go roaming through the jungle and kill a boar? Side dish? Are there suddenly yet more polar bears wandering through the woods? Polar bears that will only chase you until you bump into another friend?


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