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Road Trip

February 17, 2007

Spent a good chunk of the day with my folks planning out the big trip to MA. Got a basic game plan for the schedule, discovered what’s reasonable for one day’s driving and found out what highways are better than others. (My folks have been taking big road trip vacations at least annually for as long as I can remember. They’re experts at it now. So we leaned on their wisdom quite a bit).

Here’s how the basic itinerary:

May 31 – Leave the ‘Couv early in the morn. Go as far as Brigham City, UT.

June 1 – Travel to (or near) Denver, CO

June 2 – Spend the day with “Benji and his family”: WE’RE SUPER EXCITED. Haven’t seen Benji since his wedding, I think. Really looking forward to seeing them and spending the day with them.

June 3 – Travel to Rapid City, SD. Meet up with my folks at “Hart Ranch”:, pretty much the coolest campground in the U.S. Brings back memories of many a summer vacation.

June 4 – See “the faces”: in the morning and “Reptile Gardens”: in the afternoon.

June 5 – Travel to Albert Lea or Hayward, MN.

June 6 – Hit the “Mall of America”: and then the “IKEA”: across the street. Travel on to Hixton, WI.

June 7 – On to Elkhart, IN.

June 8 – Travel to the Grand Rapids, MI area to see some places of Steph’s dad’s childhood. Then on to Perrysburg, OH.

June 9 – Two words: “Cedar Point”: My sister and her family will travel up from the Dayton area to meet us for a very fun day.

June 10 – Travel to Hershey, PA.

June 11 – Enjoy the chocolatey bliss of “Hershey, PA”: Steph, stop drooling.

June 12 – Travel on to “GCTS”:

I’m getting excited. Today made the whole thing more real.

Class starts June 18.

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