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Good day

March 6, 2007

‘Tis a good day. Sitting at work, doing easy busywork that has to be done in order to send out today the final product of the “HUGE project”: I’ve been working on.

Also filling the time between file openings and saves by looking at trips into Boston from school. Check this out.

There’s a commuter train station 5 minutes from school. To park all day costs $2.

To ride the train into Boston is a 45 minute trip, costing me and Steph each $6.25 each way (the girls are free). (Total up to $27)

Once arriving at North Station in Boston, within a 30 minute walking and/or public transportation (subway or bus, which are free with a commuter rail ticket) radius are the following:

* “Fenway Park”: (They give “tours”:! Woo hoo!)
* “Boston’s Children Hospital”: (where we will take Lizzie for her cardiology appointments)
* a couple “shopping”: “malls”:
* the “Museum of Science”:
* quite a few historical landmarks
* the “M.I.T. campus”: (I’ve always wanted to visit there)
* the “Harvard campus”: (again, always wanted to visit there)
* quite a number of parks
* “Logan International Airport”:
* did I mention Fenway?!

‘Tis a good day.

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  1. March 7, 2007 11:24 pm

    Hey Hutchinson,

    Wow. Good to read you in the blogosphere. I caught your link to me in Technorati. So, are you going to GCTS? Is this why Boston is on your grid? You’re the family man, too? Looks like things are good! (Life has obviously changed since that picture from the yearbook we had taken together in the guys dorm at MBC a million years ago!)

    I’m just getting done with Wheaton’s Biblical Exegesis program and we’re doing ANYTHING we can to get back to the NW. We’ve enjoyed Chicago long enough! Things are good here for us, though.

    I’ll send a link your way soon. Cheers.
    Darren Larson

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