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Single Greatest

March 12, 2007

Had the single greatest meal in my life last night. Better than food in France. Better than sentimental meals in the past.

Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant

The experience, the flavor of the food, the service. Beyond outstanding.

Four adults (us and the Brewsters), five children, all sitting on either a low couch or pillows/cushions, the waiter washing our hands in a basin before and after the meal, five courses of utterly delicious food. The food was full of spice and flavor, but not hot.

Single greatest food on this planet: B’stilla

Lots of recipes available:

Steph, Melissa, taking notes?

It was a bit on the pricey side, but well worth it. I highly recommend either the apricot chicken or the honey chicken with prunes (no joke!).

Be prepared to spend a couple of hours there. They treat you well and you don’t want to leave. And since it’s five courses, it takes a while anyway.

Oh, and at dessert/tea time, they sprinkle your hands with orange blossom water. Our hands smelled good for the next half hour.

Highly, highly recommend this restaurant. Amazing.

p.s. One note of caution: beware the belly-dancing.

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