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Modem and Router

May 15, 2007

When Steph and I move to MA, we’re going Hi-Speed Internet so I can download big files for work and work at home.  We’re looking to go cable since we don’t want to have a home phone land line.

With that in mind, should we go cable modem (buy our own) and router?  Or a combined modem/router?  What kind do y’all recommend?

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  1. Eli permalink
    May 15, 2007 1:13 pm

    Most internet companies will lease you the modem as part of their internet deal. It’s usually free, but with a massive penalty if you don’t return it. Or maybe it’s a couple bucks a month. Either way, I don’t think buying the modem’s a good idea. Whatever modem you get may have issues with your particular carrier, they won’t offer tech support on the “outside” modem, and it’s not a “cool” computer purchase.

    See for more reasons.

    A nice router, on the other hand, is cool. Or I think so. I’ve had great luck with Linksys (non-wireless only; their wireless routers suck) and my folks use a Netgear with no problems. Just make sure it has a hardware firewall. Fogey will, of course, beg you to buy a new Airport Extreme Uber 1337 r0x0rz router or some such. Do not listen to him. Or Slothboy. Never listen to Slothboy.


    Also, take a look on . I shop there a lot, they have great deals, and almost every item has helpful customer comments. And some not so helpful. But it’s a good start.

    My comment is bigger than your post, and yet mine is still more monosyllabic. Weird.


  2. Slothboy permalink
    May 15, 2007 3:52 pm

    I would use their modem and get your own router. We had our own modem here at work and when it stopped working I had no recourse for support from comcast, so I just had them add a modem to our plan. I don’t think that I would have saved much if I had to buy another one (vs paying the monthly rental fee).

    But definitely get your own router. Then you can break up your connection however you want it and you can handle all the configuration and management. I am going to say “get an airport base station” because I actually tried a linksys and a d-link and couldn’t get either of them to work properly. Airport was literally plug and play. They have admin software for Windows as well. It still works better than anything else out there. I say that not just as an Apple geek, but as a regular geek who really, actually tried to get something else to work to save some $.

  3. May 15, 2007 6:37 pm

    Uhh… what Slothboy said.

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