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Goodbyes and such

May 28, 2007

Had two bueno goodbye parties this weekend.  One on Saturday for the family and friend crowd.  One on Sunday for the church crowd.  Good to see everybody who came.  Hard to say goodbye.  Cried a few times on Saturday, not to mention the internal twists and turns my body decided to do (apparently my body doesn’t handle emotional stress well).  Sunday was better (emotional strength-wise).  Had great conversations ranging from the hard balance leading worship is to whether the Blazers should draft Oden or Durant (Oden 🙂 ).

Spent last night at Steph’s folks house.  Watched Night at the Museum.  The first Ben Stiller movie I really liked.  It was hilarious.  Highly recommend it.

Had breakfast with my dad-in-law this morning (mmm… Biscuit’s Cafe) and said goodbye.  Went better than I expected.  That goodbye will be rough for Steph and the girls later today.  Pray for them (and her dad too).  Will say goodbye to the mom-in-law on Wednesday.

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