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Road Stats

June 25, 2007

Finally got around to adding up all the gas info from our trip. While not exhaustive (I’m sure we missed a receipt or two), here’s the numbers:

  • Average price per gallon: $3.20
  • Gallons used: at least 158
  • Total cost of gas: at least $505
  • Total miles: at least 4,000 (Google Maps puts the trip at roughly 4,000)
  • Average miles/gallon: 26.6 (not bad for a sedan with 4 humans and a full trunk)

Funny observation: there wasn’t one stand out section of the country for low cost gas. It was hit and miss from one state to the next. Example: expensive in SD, cheap in MN, expensive in WI, medium in IN, cheap in OH. But gas was definitely cheaper on the east coast versus the west coast. Still is.

Praise-the-Lord-observation: 4,000 miles, not one mechanical (or otherwise) problem with the car.

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