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A moment of silence

August 9, 2007

Let us take a moment of silence for

White Hall and the house by the A-Frame.

I lived in White Hall all but one semester at MBC.  Many fond memories were had in that place…

  • A certain trouble-making pair putting a TacoBell burrito in the hall closet near the attic stairs and it sitting there for at least 5 years…
  • Listening to Joe Barker play his guitar, his ginormous tube and amp sitting in the hallway.
  • A dorm united as MacNeal’s room was filled with old telephone book pages.
  • Ramp chair races.  Ramp mattress races.
  • The door o’ quotes on Fogey’s and Molo’s door.
  • Duncan and Maurer rooming together.  ‘Nough said.
  • A perfect record on Goldeneye.  And playing through Ocarina of Time.
  • Being an RA when White Hall was ghetto.  I think we almost enjoyed it more because of it.
  • The unity of just 15 guys living on the upper floor cause the school didn’t have anywhere else to put us.
  • Living next door to Brian Hallberg.
  • Playing tackle Frisbee Golf in the upstairs hallway.
  • Rooming with Mavis.  Teaching him how to deliver a 3 point sermon and the transitions in between.
  • Marathon games of Command and Conquer.
  • LATE night discussions.

Please add your White Hall and House by the A-Frame memories.

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  1. August 9, 2007 8:58 am

    I’m suprised at how saddened this makes me to see White Hall go down. Loved the NFL Blitz & Henry’s.

  2. August 9, 2007 9:07 am

    Indeed! Thank you Greg, I believe you were the one to introduce me to Henry’s. 🙂

  3. Slothboy permalink
    August 9, 2007 10:46 am

    when I think back to all the nights of homo-erotic frolicking, Naked Tekken, the capital of Thailand, strip Bible trivia, I get a tear in my eye.

    Good times. Good times.

  4. August 9, 2007 11:00 am

    Figuring out how to play WC2 between a mac and pc over the school phone system.

    Taco Bell runs out the batcave.

    Cereal fests – (some of which I’d rather forget…)

    Making our sister dorm section muffins.

    Hanging out at Joel’s room… and again (how the heck did he always get the cool rooms?)

    Singing the hamster dance into Hutch’s answering machine in three part harmony, followed by a notorious laugh.

    Taking a picture of Hutch sleeping, only to be given away by a giggly Lebanese man.

    WESTERN CIV! LABAN WAS HERE! “Why is there a banana scotch taped to my door? WHY?”

    I did it for tanooki. (the what?)

    Eye of the tiger, baby. Or eye of the bobcat.


  5. Molo permalink
    August 9, 2007 3:01 pm

    Busting my head open.

    Confusing Hutch with all my Text and Canon issues, as well as with 6 consecutive lateral passes in NFL Blitz.

    Worms 2, baby!

    12+ hour gaming sessions with Kinsanth.

    “Of course they’re not registered! I’m an assassin!”

    Star Trek Movie Marathon in the lounge.

    Brownie attacks!

    Box and Hocking. What a pair.

    First Taco Bell run (with AJ and Irv-baby).

    Vampire Hunter D in Joe’s apartment.

    Gorra’s 200 page “paper”.

    Women’s dorm picture stealing, uh…pictures.

    Shooting the breeze with Joel and Jed 1st week in the laundry room.

    7 man Wunderland trips in Maurer’s Festiva.

    “What’s this envelope on my bed. AAAAAAAAAAGH!”

  6. August 9, 2007 5:04 pm

    Sheesh. So many.

    The first one I think of is Mike Bock getting *slightly* miffed when I went from ally to enemy in a Command and Conquer game.

    Jim (forgot his last name-big blond guy, played guitar, R.A.) hitting the floor of his room—and the ceiling of mine— so hard I thought the whole place was coming down. Turns out he had experimented to see what would happen if he slept with his arms behind his head, and the phone woke him up. He had a habit of rolling out of the top bunk, but his arms were to numb to catch himself. I think the habit was broken. 😉

    Cleaning the rooms one summer on the deep-clean crew.

    Why are there Taco Bell sauce packets all over my door? Thanks Chris Abrahamson.

    The women’s dorm waking us with song far to early—which we did NOTHING to deserve.

    Staying awake from Thursday to Saturday mornings because of two graveyard security shifts and… the guys dorm on Friday night.

    Turning up my guitar amp all the way just because I could.

    Hinkleman listening to “Pick-up Man.”

    Jars of Clay, “Falling” (never want to hear it again… really) playing in every dorm room at different times in the song simultaneously.

    My roommate never showing up the first semester my freshman year.

  7. August 9, 2007 8:02 pm

    And then there was the year and a half in the house. Ben Jackson as RA. He had one of the doubles, Matt Adamson and I had the singles, and Dave Bordner and Zack Knuckey shared a double. Fall of ’01, Dustin McCorchuk took Adamson’s place, Dave moved out, and since I had seniority, I got the double for my last semester.

    For those that lived there and visited, it was the closest thing to feeling off campus without really being off campus. The only house with no bedrooms on the ground floor, so the ladies were able to visit for parties or whatever. I did like my single room that first year, as it had access to the secret creepy attic. Good memories of hiding a football in Bordner’s bed once a week for nearly a semester. Watching a movie on my computer with Joe and chalupas. Watching Zack listen to Linkin Park.

    Best house on campus.

  8. August 9, 2007 8:33 pm

    Jim McClelland that was his name. How could I forget?

  9. kinsanth permalink
    August 10, 2007 9:49 am

    Pontius’ “Bass CD.” (Giddy up, girl!)


    “We should totally start a band!”

    Playing Mechwar with Molo on his ancient PC, with Retswerb in his whities playing guitar and watching on.



    “We should totally start a band!”

    Getting minutes from McNeal, the loudest man on campus. (WHAZZUP!)

    Popular question while playing BattleTech: “Is that Dungeons and Dragons? It’s satanic!”

    Composing “Rainy Day Dead Man #15 and 23 (Op 7,405,926) from The Gimp Man Suite” with Molo for poetry group.

    “We should totally start a band!”

    Being woken up by Pontius and Duncan trying to write… what was it? A rock opera? Yeah, they were shouting.

  10. August 11, 2007 9:40 am

    oh man, where to start??

    Joel Dunkin with a lampshade on his head (sober!)

    Joe Gorra with whities on his head

    Gorra’s ‘heavenly’ white shower curtain

    blowing up balloons *all* afternoon to fill a certain r.a.’s room

    ‘big jim’ — ’nuff said.

    two words: commodore 64.

    sleeping through Ben Box’s dot matrix printer

    sleeping through Vampire Hunter D… and breakfast… and lunch… and almost dinner…

    the hunchback. boy has it ever been a long time since I’ve done that particular impression.

    watching the seasons in the park from my upstairs window

    watching Aldrich go up from my downstairs window

    decibel days

    a massive headache from too much under the bed video gaming in black light

    getting locked out of my dorm room the first week of school wearing nothing but a towel

    and I could sit here and keep typing all day…

  11. Joel Thomas permalink
    August 25, 2007 4:59 pm

    Oh boy….

    -Putting a dog in Jeff Shane’s room…..and then watching John Baima put it in Brownies’ room……Brownie in his whities-he had no butt!
    -Cereal at Joe’s and moving all of Joe’s apartment out in to the lounge-only to be foiled by Brownie
    -Pontius trying to not to get a campus at the end of the year. His fifth? “Cmon Pontius, you know you want to “Honk”
    -Pontius sunbathing in the park next door…..and the subsequent waterballooning. I have photos.
    -Staying up with Jed and Eli till 2am on daylight savings time….just to stay up until 2 again.
    -The Batcave/Eye of the Tiger-making Matt Berryessa-Larin mad because I knocked pictures off of his wall with my stereo.
    -Watching Ben pop up in the Commons building after crawling through the tunnels
    -The Cave
    -The gigantic whiteboard in Room 17
    -“Playing” the assassin game…..
    -Dorm Room wrestling-definitely a different sport in itself and a good way to almost make Hutch pass out.
    -Ben Crawford and Nate Meenan-I’m not sure they ever slept
    -“Borrowing” the girl’s dorm picture 🙂
    -The guys dorm picture
    -Eli’s ginormous mug of Dr. Pepper that seemed to be perpetually all semester long.
    -Taco Bell/Cub food runs/Thad’s stereo system that would blow your eardrums
    -Jed’s bug/staying up all night doing homework-boo/sour worms & sweet tarts

    Fun to think about and I it wouuld be really easy to write all day….Good memories.

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