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10 Meme

August 30, 2007

From Sarah, meme goodness in which I am to tell of 10 things that have happened to me, which is a good twist on the normal question of things about me. 10 seems like a lot, so I will write them as they come, not in chronological order.

  1. Before senior year of high school, I was asked to preach the sermon when our youth group was going to be responsible for a Sunday service at a local retirement home.  I liked doing it.  That was the beginning of my love for public speaking.
  2. In Speech class during sophomore year of high school, I was asked to be the judge when our class did our mock trial.  I wanted to be a lawyer (’cause they got to do the most talking), but my teacher told me that it was a bigger deal to be the judge.  I bought it and accepted.
  3. Second year at MBC, my buddies Joel and Jed left a bottle on my dorm room desk when I was in a room down the hall.  In said bottle was a note from Steph saying, “Sometimes people change their minds.”  That was the night we started dating.
  4. Was given a $1,000 check at one of our going away parties before coming here to GCTS.  Started crying when I opened the card that held it.  We’d be in debt right now without it.  God bless you ___.
  5. I’ve been blessed with two beautiful daughters.  They are a joy… even if sometimes they’re cranky.
  6. Was given a football as my first ever present.  A friend of my folks brought it to the hospital for me.  I was probably a no more than a day old.  That is when my love for the game started.
  7. On our first trip together to California (before we were married), I was pulled over for speeding in a construction zone.  It was very late, Steph was asleep when the sirens went off.  Me pulling over woke her up.  The cop gave me a warning.  Needless to say, even though it was great I didn’t get nailed with a ticket, Steph was less than pleased with me.  One more detail: it was her car…
  8. I was voted “Most likely to be on Jeopardy” senior year of high school.
  9. Junior year of MBC, I was pranked, most excellently.  Being one of the two RA’s on the floor, I was a prime target.  I had (foolishly) advertised I was going on a long date with Steph one night and wouldn’t be back ’til late.  Joe Gorra and his henchmen (the other guys on the floor) moved probably 66% of the contents of my room out into the hallway and set it up in perfect replica of how it was arranged in my room.  Then the other RA left a note dangling from the ceiling saying I was getting minutes (de-merits) for leaving my stuff in the hall.  Great prank.
  10. About a month after we became engaged, Steph lead me on a rather length scavenger hunt across campus and a good bit of NE Portland.  At the end (the top of Mt. Tabor), Steph gave me my engagement ring (which matched hers, sans the diamond).  A very memorable day.

As is the custom on this blog, no tagging now, but you can volunteer to partake should you so choose.

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