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Week in Review

September 8, 2007
  • Drafted my second (and final) fantasy football teams of the season last Monday.  Feeling a little bit better about my second one than the first, but can’t complain about either.
  • Tuesday was orientation for GCTS.  Generally encouraged and impressed.  School starts Monday for me.  Looking forward to getting into it.  I have a bit of syllabus shock, but that should wear off soon (Lord willing).
  • Wednesday, took the OT and NT comp exams to test out of the survey courses.  Praise be to God that I passed both (just needed a 60% and 70% respectively to pass).  They weren’t easy.
  • Thursday, registration fair.  I had already reserved my spots in my classes, but had to confirm ’em and get all of the proverbial ducks in a row.  Turns out them didn’t have all my immunizations on record.  Weird, I thought I sent it in.  Regardless, they’ll sign off on me now (cause they had one of them) and I can bring the proof of the rest in later.  I look through all of my records yesterday… turns out a) I don’t have a doctor-signed copy of anything and b) I’m missing two that the state of MA requires… greaaaaaat.  My mom was a champ though and called a bunch of our past doctor offices looking for my records and scoured her papers for any records.  She found some and the doctor offices found some, so things are in the works.  But I may have to get some shots done soon.
  • Friday… busy day but it seemed like I got nothing done.  Discovered that one of my books for class (that I had ordered from Amazon) was missing 30+ pages.  It went from page 36 to page 69.  Weird.  I already started the exchange process with Amazon.  Super impressed; my new copy should be here in less than a week.
  • Today we all went to the CBD warehouse sale.  Eh.  Did score a new fake leather bound Bible for $7 that normally runs for $30-40.  🙂  Then we went to the school’s clam bake tonight.  Free lobster.  It was tasty.  It was my first ever whole lobster.  Interesting business eating a lobster.  Anybody else had that experience?
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