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December 28, 2007

Just got word that my 90 year old grandmother has had a stroke. At this point, that’s pretty much all I know. Will update as things go. My mom had a stroke 8 or 9 years ago, so we’re all too familiar with them.

Last I knew, Grandma knows of Jesus, but hasn’t followed him in decades. Religion was never something the family discussed. She grew up Catholic, but encouraged my mom and uncle to attend the Lutheran church down the street when they were kids. Please pray she makes things right with Jesus. The Feast will be missing one great sense of humor if she chooses not to attend.

UPDATE: Makes no sense, but we’ll take it.  CT Scan showed nothing.  MRI showed nothing.  Something went wrong (you don’t lose your ability to talk sensibly and know what day it is for kicks and giggles).  Grandma went home the same day.  She is still a little slow on the uptake it would seem (thank you heavy medication), but she can talk and think and everything seems okay.  But there is still this nagging part of me saying that we’re not quite out of the woods.  Regardless, I’m much relieved that she’s home.

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