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From Whom all blessings flow

January 18, 2008

I just spent essentially the last two hours restoring our laptop. It decided it didn’t want to work anymore. Which was strange because my wife used it earlier today. But, with grace from God and help from Microsoft Help and Support, we’re back in business. And as I type this, I am backing up files from the laptop to our external hard drive. Lesson learned there. Also, remember to frequently create System Restore Points, either automatically or manually. Moving on.

For the NFL folks (or sports fans in general who have always wondering what the announcers were really saying), Page 2’s DJ Gallo’s de-mystifies it for us: What the announcers are really saying. I especially liked the bit on Brett Favre. It’s totally true (football watchers know what I’m talking about).

For the gals, did you know PBS is running a special every Sunday on Jane Austen’s various works? And yes, my wife is watching them.  In related news, I thought this article was interesting: Sex, class and exposing the heart of Jane Austen.

And sadly, the indirect subject of the film that initially piqued my interest in the great game of chess, Bobby Fischer has died.

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  1. January 19, 2008 2:13 pm

    Hehe, the one about Favre is SOOO true. He is too glorified in GB and elsewhere, to the point of my disliking him. Of course, I never liked his gunslinging throws when he panicked anyway, it usually led to interceptions.

    Who’s Jane Austen?

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