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Delta Update #2

January 22, 2008

I know, I know yet another Delta update.  I am getting as tired of writing these as you may be reading them, but I have vowed to keep you all posted and so I shall.

Since I was too upset to talk Allen kindly offered to carry the burden of the dreaded Delta phone call.

Sunday evening he made contact with a Delta Customer Service Representative over the phone.  The call went something like the following (edited to save time):

Allen explains the situation and our being short changed.

The Delta CSR (I call him Jim) says, “Well, in looking at the note from the Manchester, NH Com Air Baggage Claims Department (yes he did just blame it on another company), it looks like they told us to cut a check for $100.00 (mind you the car seat cost $159.99 plus tax).  It is out of our hands, since the airport employees are the ones that told us how much to pay out.  You will need their okay for any additional amount.”

Some reiteration from both Allen and then Jim occurs getting no where, so Allen angrily, but politely ends the conversation determined to call back another day.

Fast forward to today.

Allen calls Com Air and gets Com Air CSR “Bill” and explains the situation even more thoroughly this time than last.  Bill take a number of minutes to find the info in the computer and then says, “I see it here, but it looks like the people in Manchester specifically noted that the car seat was only worth as much as $100.00, and that you chose to go outside that amount by selecting a car seat of a different brand and price range.”

Allen, “But, we were never told a price range, and all we were told to do was find a car seat comparable to what we had, which we did.  It happened to cost more because our car seat wasn’t there and I don’t see why we should pay the extra money when we were never told to keep it under $100 (in fact the amount discussed at the Delta counter was $150).”

Bill, “I completely understand what you are saying, but there is nothing I can do from my end of things.  You should contact the Delta Corporate Customer Care Loss Prevention Department(you know things are bad when they have a department for something that obscure)…Hopefully they can help you out.”

So that is it, which means yet another letter in the mail to Delta.  What a mess!

Note:  “Bill” was really great to deal with, just had no authority to do anything for us.  Jim on the other hand was less than pleasant to deal with.

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  1. Laura permalink
    January 23, 2008 2:45 am

    how frustrating all around for you guys!

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