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Lent Over

March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Day!  Great to be a part of a big church meeting today.  Our church met at a local college so everybody could take part in one big service instead of two separate ones.  It was interesting to see Easter done on the East Coast.  Much more traditional.  Whatever that means.

Sermon was on John 20.  Something I hadn’t noticed before and the pastor brought out was Jesus’ focus on the ascension (that obviously hadn’t happened yet).  I’ve got to chew on that more.  Definitely good stuff to think about.

Reading week this week.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to plow through and catch up on school work.  Steph and I have laid out a tentative schedule for us for the week.  It involves a lot of hours of me at the library.  Hopefully that will happen and be fruitful.

In related news, since Lent is now over, I’ve turned back on my Google Reader.  But, in going without for a long time, I’ve learned that I only really care about a select number of blogs.  So, my subscriptions are down from 79 to 25.  Much more manageable.

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