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April 19, 2008

Could be because it’s late, but I’m feeling uninspired to write anything even remotely deep.  So you get drivel normal life stuff tonight until I’m more awake tomorrow.

Hebrew II is basically done.  One more translation to do and then just the final.  Yeah!

Theology Survey – Turned in the theology paper yesterday, slept through half of class and then tried to crash early while Steph took a friend out.  Girls woke up, I calmed them down enough to get them back to bed, but then played Halo 3 while they cried for a long time after that.  Steph came home, the girls were winding down, so I went to sleep.  Woke up 9 or 10 hours later.  Good feeling.  Still feeling behind on sleep, but getting there.  Anyway, all that’s left for this class is to read one more book and then skim another.  Well, then there’s the final… Okay, not quite out of the woods on this guy.

OT in the NT – BIG paper due May 5.  Use of Psalm 95 in Hebrews 3.  Giddy up.  I got my Psalm commentaries tonight.  I am looking forward to digging into this paper.  Getting to use both my Hebrew and Greek skillz.  Then there’s a book I need to skim and the final thingy…

Time to check before going to bed.  Translation can wait til tomorrow.  Got church in the morning.  Week 4 (or 5?) of the New Member class.  Good times.

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