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Mom in law 3

July 25, 2008

Mom in law is getting discharged today.  (Buckle your seat belts).  They weren’t able to squeeze her in for a second scope procedure today, so there’s no need for her to stay in the hospital til Tuesday (when the 2nd scope is scheduled).  Then next Friday she’s got a consult with the surgeon dude to go over the results.  So, it looks like she’s hanging out for a few days.

The first scope was successful.  They put in a stent to keep the duct open and were able to get a glimpse of the blockage.  But they need to go back in for a more definitive look.  Their best guesses are pancreatitis or cancer.  Yeah.  Not good options, but we’re shooting for the former.

Good news: Dad in law was able to get a flight into town today.  He gets in at 8pm.  It’ll be really good to have him here.  For all parties involved.

New prayer request: the folks at the hospital have been in contact with Kaiser (Mom in law’s insurance) all day, trying to convince them that Mom in law needs to stay here in BOS for all of this and shouldn’t travel and go through it all over again back home.  Don’t know if Kaiser agrees.  We’re hoping so.

UPDATE: Doctor, nurse, admin, everybody, talked with Kaiser today.  And convinced ’em.  Also, Steph’s dad made it into town just fine. Praise the Lord!

Great big thanks to everybody praying and to those who are helping us in material ways.  It is a huge relief to have normal life responsibilities lessened.  Kudos to my sister for finding the flight for Dad in law.

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  1. Maria permalink
    July 27, 2008 6:54 pm

    I do what I can!

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