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Mom in law 5

August 1, 2008

Mom does indeed have cancer.  Seems it is positioned just so on a major artery/vein and the head cheese doc said we would be hard pressed to find anyone willing to operate and remove it.  It’s attached itself, so there’s nothing to be done surgery wise.  However, this head guy (who you’ll remember is a pancreas guy, not a cancer guy) has said to follow up soon with an oncologist back home so they can begin treatment (radiation, etc.).  Just because they can’t operate doesn’t mean that they can’t manage the thing.

The biopsy itself was less definitive than hoped.  Apparently it came back inconclusive just how aggressive the thing is.  They can’t tell if it’s been there for 3 weeks or 5 years.  Only time will unveil the level of severity and danger it presents.  Mom will have to have a continual rotation of metal stents put in to manage the opening of the bile duct (not sure on how long one stent lasts).  So at this point, there is no time table.

Mixed bag really.  Yeahs and boos.  But regardless they should be close to home now and it’s nice to have a quiet house to ourself again.  We’re all over the map today in terms of emotions.  Looking forward to doing nothing but resting all weekend

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