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November 13, 2008

It hit me very hard today how blessed I am to be at this seminary.

I’m working on my Romans 9:1-5 paper.  Was taking a gander at some relevant books and looking into the connection between verses 5 and 6.  One author quoted an article from 1988 and talked about how the article’s author made a good point… then quotes her a little bit.  But I would like to hear more from the article’s author herself.  So I go to the guy’s bibliography.  Catholic Biblical Quarterly, year 1988.  I get up from my desk at the library, walk 20 feet to the Journals section of the library… scroll to the “C” aisle… find the CBQ… and then boom.  1988 issues, bound in one volume.  Page 459.  The whole process took less than five minutes.

That, friends, is blessed.

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