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June 25, 2009

Aug 20.

That’s the day I am slated for surgery.  Simple description: they go into the area that’s causing trouble, shave off the pain-causing disc material that’s pressing up against the nerve and then take out a little bit extra of the disc material to make sure that stuff doesn’t bulge out again. A 45 minute surgery.

I go home the next day.  Should be able to walk, though I’ll probably be stiff and in pain.  I’ll be on the heavy medicine for about a week.  Won’t be able to lift stuff for a while.  First a single bag of groceries, a briefcase or a laptop.  Then nothing more than 10-15 lbs.  Physical therapy gets mixed in there somewhere as well as pushing through whatever residual pain until all the muscles are returned to normal.

Super encouraging things:

  1. “This is the easiest and most frequently done surgery we do.”
  2. Surgeon-man had the same procedure done to him 3.5 months ago.  Steph and I wouldn’t have been able to tell unless he told us.  Brother was walking and standing without any hitch in his get-along.

So until Aug 20, I just have to avoid doing anything gigantically stupid.  Praise God for doctors and medicine.

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