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Great service

December 30, 2009

For those around GCTS, the North Shore’s best mechanic is Dave’s Mobil.  Great service, I’ve always gotten fair pricing from them.  (See below for another).  I got an oil change at Dave’s today and the price is the same as Jiffy Lube (less if you use one of their coupons).  Plus, you don’t get the sales pitch that something is wrong with your car and should be replaced right then and there.  They finished up, handed me the invoice and the guy at the cashier’s desk rung it up.  Brilliant.

Do make sure to call ahead though since it is a mechanic and not a walk-up place.  I called just after 8:00am this morning and the gentleman on the phone said he had room for me at 11:00am.  When I came at 11 and asked for the oil change, he said he wouldn’t have time til tomorrow (not knowing who I was).  I said I was the guy who called earlier that morning and he replied: “Alright.  You’re the guy I was waiting for then.  We’ll start the oil in 5 minutes.”  30 minutes later the oil change was done.

Good story about Dave’s.  When the Sable was on its last legs, I took it into Dave’s to get an idea of what we were up against.  After looking at it (little less than an hour maybe?), then called and told me that the power steering system was shot, that the air conditioning system needed  to be recharged and all told the work would cost well more than the car was worth.  They recommended we not get the repairs done.  After much deliberation with Steph, we went with their word on it and picked it up.  The kicker: Dave’s Mobil didn’t charge me a dime.

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