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How do you define yourself? Do you list the things you are? Do you list the relationships that mean the most to you? Do you list the things you do regularly? Do you spurt out random facts?

I am a Christ-follower. I am the husband of a beautiful woman. I am the father of two wonderful girls. I am a son to two united parents and a brother to a brother and sister. I am a nephew, a cousin three times over and an uncle five times over.

I am a seminary student (M.A. in O.T. & N.T.). I do the work that God provides for cash to come into the home.  God then provides whatever else is needed.

I play guitar. I like to blog. I like to discuss the Bible and the theology in it. I like to read. Especially Harry Potter and LotR. I like 90% of all music genres. I unwind with a good game of Madden or Oblivion.

I’ve worn glasses since I was five. I’ve been to 46 of the 50 U.S. states. I graduated from MBC.

My dream is to teach at a seminary in Africa to men and women who want to serve Jesus in Africa. I basically want Ted Kayser‘s job.

Regarding the name of the blog:I started blogging in 2003 using Blogger. Then I switched to Typepad with the Locals (thanks E). Then went to my own server using Textpattern. But kids and seminary mean I go Full Circle to free blogging again. Thank you

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